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  • HP 12C Financial Calculator
  • Description: Financial calculator includes more than 120 built-in functions and allows 20 different cash flows for internal rate of return and net present values. Calculate loan and mortgage payments, convert interest rates, and figure bond prices and yields. RPN key
  • Price: $73.94
  • HP 17BIIPlus Business Financial Calculator
  • Description: Financial calculator features 28K user memory, RPN and algebraic data-entry modes, more than 250 built-in functions, and function programming. Review data stored in list format, scrolling and editing as your data changes. Access applications and find sol
  • Price: $98.96
  • HP 35s Scientific Calculator
  • Description: Scientific calculator delivers professional performance and flexibility, allowing you to switch between RPN and algebraic entry-system logic at any time. Ultimate pocket-size performer is completely programmable so you can work more efficiently with keys
  • Price: $51.96
  • HP 10BIIPlus Financial Calculator
  • Description: Fast, powerful financial calculator makes it easy to solve business, financial, statistical, and math calculations accurately and quickly. Ideal for students or practicing professionals. Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use HP10bllPlus Financial Calculator feat
  • Price: $32.68

People have been using the HP 12C for many years because it is a very user-friendly type of item and simply because it makes computing a variety of financial situations easy. Since it is an ideal financial calculator for just about anyone, calculating mortgage payments, interest rates, and bond prices can be effortless, when using the HP 12C calculator. With over 130 built-in functions, computing finances is simple with the 10-digit HP calculator. With a long battery life, users can continuously use this financial calculator for an extended period of time. The handheld size of the HP 12C calculator allows owners to take it anywhere, yet the buttons are still large enough to provide ease of use. Just in case the HP calculator is dropped, it comes with a case that will protect the unit. It also includes a last digit erase feature so that users don't have to start over if they punch in the wrong number. This calculator is ideal for both business and financial classes as well as for individuals to calculate their finances at home.